Sandusky District Library - 25k for 25 Challenge

Sanilac County Community Foundation

What one word best describes library services in the year 2019?
The word that comes to mind is vital. Where else do people have free access to so many items and services? Books, audiobooks, online resources, public access computers, printing, faxing, programming for all ages are just a few of the things that the Sandusky District Library provides.
Two areas of need for future funding reflect just what libraries are all about:
Preschool Literacyand Preserving the Past.

The Sandusky District Library will be implementing a 1000 Books by Kindergarten Program in Fall 2019. And the library continues to digitize local historical materials to add to our website for free access to all historians and genealogists.

Where else can you grow both the future and the past with your generous donations?